About Me

About Me

          Greetings from Aiswariya!! Welcome to downtownmeals. Thankyou for dropping by and I hope you all will have a nice visit here in my site.  

           I am a homemaker and being a homemaker can make for pretty long days, so to spice up my days at home, I have started to cook and bake… I LOVE being in the Kitchen and have a great love for good food!!I hope you enjoy my recipes as much as I do!! Happy fooding!!!

          In my childhood days I was always told that “The kitchen is the heart of the home”. Most of my activities revolved around the kitchen and I was awestruck by my grandmother and mother’s ever ending dedication to cooking. For every special occasion they used to cook variety of traditional and tasty dishes. Both of them are my true inspiration to ignite the love of cooking in me.

          Being a traditional Malayali, we use to prepare traditional meals also known as Sadhya for every traditional festival and occasion. Sadhya is a meal which has 7 or more side dish, red rice and it completes with 3 or more payasam (Custard). This brought me the curiosity to know more about other traditional dishes of other people.

          Sweet dishes are my favourite. I’m a person who eats chocolate every day and sometimes even have cake for breakfast. I love cooking payasam, sweet snacks and cakes. In downtownmeals, I will keep posting all my favourite sweet recipes and other savoury recipes.

          Every food is healthy. Healthy diet doesn’t mean to completely eliminate food. Downtownmeals comes up with wholesome and simple recipes that are healthy and tastier. At downtownmeals, it is truly my greatest heart’s desire to help others find healthy, tasty and simple recipes.

          My goal is to inspire you with food that is both approachable and exciting, whether you’re cooking for yourself, your family, your roommates, or your friends. Your comments and feedback are always appreciated.